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Through Craftsmanship

Forest-dependent indigenous tribes across India are marginalized communities, struggling to make a living. One such community, The Soliga community, lives in the Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Tiger Reserve (BRT) and Malai Mahadeshwara wildlife sanctuary (MM Hills). They have an average household earning is $1 a day.
ATREE has worked with the Soliga community for over 2 decades. During this time, ATREE noticed that the Soliga's ability to forage NTFPs significantly decreased, due to the spread of an invasive plant, Lantana camera.
To help increase income, ATREE piloted a program using lantana to make furniture. home accessories, and art installations.  Although traditionally hunter-gatherers, the Soligas are incredible artisans.  After receiving craftsmanship training, they have created these life-size elephants out of lantana (see video above).  These art-installations have gone on to receive international acclaim. 
ATREE’s innovation of converting lantana into livelihood generating products creates a win-win scenario. It improves tribal livelihoods while promoting forest biodiversity and conservation through the removal of lantana. We are restoring nature through craftsmanship. 

A new centre at ATREE, The Centre for Social and Environmental Innovation (CSEI) is making lantana products more easily available. Now you can bring a piece of the forest into your home.  Not only will it generate livelihoods for marginalised communities, but it will also improve the health of the forest.  

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Lantana Pineapple

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Lantana Side Table

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Coffee Table

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Single cot

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